by Arbor Labor Union

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We played and recorded these songs in the house where they once lived. Recorded on New Years Day 2017
We are donating all proceeds of this effort to some greater efforts worldwide. More specifically,

Georgia Equality-

Planned Parenthood-

The Sierra Club-

Elemental Awareness-


released March 7, 2017

Beausoleil: Guitarmonica, vocals, Slide geetar
Brain Atoms: Guitarmonica, Guitar Solo, vocals, Slide Geetar
Nerd: Bass Fiddle,yerba vibrations
George O'Madadhain: fiddle on the riddlesnake blues
Salie: Drums

Recorded and Mastered
by our soul brother and sound shaman: Rob Sarabia



all rights reserved


ARBOR LABOR UNION Atlanta, Georgia

Arbor Labor Union
PO BOX 5974


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Track Name: Choppin' Block
It's a bloody world
Everybody knows
We just stand in a line
And we hold our nose
When the hammer comes
'Neath the pearly gate
We all bend over
And receive one fate
More heads for the choppin' block
More heads for the choppin' block
They won't ever
They won't never stop
More heads for the choppin' block
Aight heads les' roll
All the judges slam their hammers
The Hangman, he checks his trap
O! a big crowd begins to gather
They wanna see whose neck's gonna snap
Sorry Hangman, it ain't what ya thought
This one here, itsa choppin' block
All yor ties they are for knot
Even the judge is gettin' chopp'd!
More heads for the choppin' block
More heads for the choppin' block
O! weepin' eye
I see why you gotta cry
All of us here
Some time we gotta die
Even you, even me
I guess we're gonna
Wait and see
In the shadow of the guillotine
A clear image could be seen
Some saw the head of the King
I saw the Queen
The Joker laughed
He slapped the Jack
But then the Joker jumped
The next card called for the choppin' block
Left him stumped
More heads for the choppin' block
More heads for the choppin' block
More heads for the choppin' block
Theres always wood to be chopped
Track Name: Fool's Blues
I can be mean
I can be nice
I have been known
To wear a disguise
But I'm jest a fool
I come in peace
I'm just a fool
Let me in please
I never frown
I always smile
I got the teeth
Of a crocodile
But I'm just a fool
I mean no harm
I'm just a fool
No cause for alarm
I can stay true
But never for long
Coz somethin in
My head is wrong
It must be true
I'm just a fool
Smilin' so big with teardrops in my eyes
It's okay to laugh wen the joker cries
Track Name: Riddlesnake Blues
what did the sermon on the signpost at the steep part of the summit say?
the pioneers of yesteryears new frontiers were not the first ones here didja hear?
and the neon sign behind the mind says the three eyed man is the one most blind, walk out the outdoor outdoorsmen!
then a fiddle played a riddle that split my brain right through the middle
cartoon balloons arose at noon and wen they burst they play'd me some groovy tunes! psychic palms sing swan song psalms that calm the bombs and kill all the dot coms!
so today ill clear things up said the dirty mirror to the crystal cup, im gon face my fears or disappear to where down turns into up. then the tribes inside completely died and they call'd is selfish genocide and until now ive really tried to stand by yor side but you gotta wait coz this weight i carry is gonna kill me...
the heavy loads went down commodes the open roads the one least closed pay back yor debt when death lends you a token or the promise that you made to live is broken
the undone opposites came up with a hypothesis freedom without free is simply dom then the thumb started to hum if i had for fingers i could strum or drum in a band on a magick land in a place we call a planet then all the oaths they got on boats but the boats would never float coz the coats worn by the liars were heavy and the moat swallode the oaths like oats slooow and steaaddyyy eyey this comedy is not for me said dante to the flaming sea but the captain of the ship took a whip straight from his hip and said "ots only a river and u gotta be a dead man to cross it! if you got any possessions im gonna toss it!" his guide beside came from behind as Dante cried "this man's my bride and i am his eternal partner! WE COME DIVINE WITH LOVE ALONE AS ARMOR!" then the dream burst through the seams and carried its screams within its streams to cling between the free and imprisoned but the seeds and trees grow where they please without permission. the snake went to the lake and drank its water to stay awake then an earthquake began to shake like a tambourine jelly bean shot by a submarine submachine and when the dust died down death had everybodys attention but the earth jiust wans to make that good connection he said "look my friend its not the end im sending but it is if you keep pretending yor some kind of song with out and ending" and the response made by its residents is still pending... o! the ouroboros sang a chorus and the words were whats in store for us but no one listens to the Riddlesnake blues! no one listens to a sssong sssung by a sssnake